Woman smiling at the camera, holding a handful of crushed grapes in one hand

Domaine Christelle Betton

 White line illustration of a grapevine with clusters of grapes and detailed leaves

The Betton family vineyards were first hand plowed by Christelle Betton’s grandfather back in the 1960s. At that time, the family sold their grapes to others who they entrusted to represent the terroir of Crozes Hermitage. It was in 2003 that Christelle’s father, Roland, decided it was time for the family to take on this task themselves and vinify their own grapes. The family’s steadfast dedication to the vines—some in their care for over 40 years—was immediately apparent in their wines.

Now on its third generation of family stewardship, Christelle Betton officially took over the domaine in 2009. Christelle has passionately carried on the family tradition, in particular emphasizing her forefathers naturalistic approach to the cultivation process.

Throughout the long lives of these vines, harvesting their grapes has been an arduous task, with steep hills that demand treks up and down their slopes while each grape is hand-picked off the vine. Despite this, Christelle Betton takes on this task with gusto in order to produce wines that show off the best of what Crozes Hermitage has to offer.