Woman and man among barrels of wine in a cellar tasting one of the wines.

Domaine Guy Amiot et Fils

 White line illustration of a grapevine with clusters of grapes and detailed leaves

Guy Amiot et Fils is not just a winery; it’s a family legacy deeply rooted in the heart of Chassagne-Montrachet since 1920. The Amiot family’s connection to the land and their vines is noticeable in every bottle they produce. It’s a story which began with Flavie and Arsène Amiot, who instilled a profound respect for the terroir and a passion for winemaking which has been passed down through four generations. 

Today, the domaine is a close-knit affair, with Thierry Amiot at the helm of winemaking and his brother Fabrice managing the business side of things. Their wines, from the prestigious Le Montrachet Grand Cru to the expressive premier cru offerings, are a testament to their dedication and expertise. Each sip is a journey through time and tradition, a taste of the family’s commitment to excellence. 

What makes Guy Amiot et Fils truly special is the personal touch that goes into every aspect of their winemaking. From the sustainable viticulture practices to the careful crafting of each cuvée, the Amiot family ensures their wines are experiences to be cherished. It’s this personal dedication which has solidified their reputation in Burgundy and among wine lovers around the world.