A man with a beard smiles and stands with arms crossed in a wine cellar surrounded by wooden barrels under arched ceilings.

La Spinetta

 White line illustration of a grapevine with clusters of grapes and detailed leaves

La Spinetta, or “Top of the Hill” in Italian, is a prestigious winery in Piedmont. Founded in 1977 by the Rivetti family, over the decades they’ve become leaders in crafting modern, terroir-driven wines from both Piedmont and Tuscany. The Rivettis blend innovation with tradition. Hand-harvested grapes ensure quality, while temperature controlled stainless steel tanks and other varied aging techniques preserve freshness and develop complexity.

The soul of La Spinetta lies in Piedmont’s noble red grapes: Nebbiolo and Barbera. Their Barolos, expressions of unique vineyards, are renowned for their elegance, power, and aging potential. Similarly, La Spinetta crafts stunning Barbaresco wines, typically lighter-bodied than Barolo but bursting with complexity. Barbera takes center stage in various bottlings, including single-vineyard gems. These wines are known for their juicy fruit, balanced acidity, and easy-drinking style.

La Spinetta’s innovative spirit extends beyond reds. Beyond Piedmont, they’ve expanded into Tuscany, producing Sangiovese-based wines and a crisp Vermentino white. For a touch of pink perfection, their rosé, a blend of Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir, offers a refreshing and elegant choice.

From classic Barolos to innovative rosés, La Spinetta’s dedication to quality and exploration has resulted in a remarkable collection of wines that capture the essence of their terroir while pushing the boundaries of winemaking.