A man stands in the foreground overlooking a foggy vineyard. A churches spire peeks out of the fog in the background.

Michel Bouzereau Et Fils

 White line illustration of a grapevine with clusters of grapes and detailed leaves

Michel Bouzereau Et Fils stands as a beacon of Burgundy’s winemaking tradition, a family-run domaine where each bottle is a chapter of their story. For seven generations, the Bouzereau family has been an integral part of Meursault’s fabric, with Michel Bouzereau once presiding over the prestigious Burgundy Growers’ Union. 

The domaine’s philosophy is simple yet profound: only excellent grapes can make excellent wines. This belief is evident in their meticulous vineyard management and organic farming practices, which have been in place since 2005. The move towards biodynamic principles over the last decade reflects their commitment to not just maintaining yet enhancing the natural balance of their land. 

Jean-Baptiste Bouzereau, who took over from his father Michel, embodies the family’s humble yet passionate approach to winemaking. Under his guidance, the domaine has seen improvements like a new winery in 2009, yet the essence of their wine remains unchanged. It’s a style which speaks of the land—expressive Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs which are vinified with native yeast, minimal sulfur dioxide, and long lees aging, capturing the purest expression of Meursault. 

Michel Bouzereau Et Fils is more than just a producer; it’s a legacy that continues to evolve while staying true to the heart of what makes Burgundy wines so revered.