My whirlwind, wine tasting frenzy through Burgundy and Champagne

Directional signpost with multiple arrows pointing toward various French towns, set against a backdrop of a rural landscape with cloudy skies, leading to locations for a Burgundy wine tasting tour.

Feb 17 8:10 am Landed at Charles de Gaulle. 9:10 am Through passport control and find Metro ticket purchase line, which is loooong. Stand in line for at least 30 minutes. 10 am On Metro train RER B line heading towards Saint-Remy with my 2 suitcases. I do not speak French, so am nervous and paying close attention to reading the names at each stop. Make it to Denfert-Rochereau and walk over to Metro line…

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A chance encounter with a retiring wine shop owner led this husband and wife to embark on a new venture.

A black and white selfie of a Michelle and Chris 

My husband Chris, who always dropped by University Wines for any special occasion, went there last November to pick up some wine for our Thanksgiving trip to Spokane. I loved Gordon’s wine selection because he always stocked wines which were lower in alcohol, and he would recommend wines which tasted lovely. As usual, he struck up a conversation with Gordon, the owner, about life, wine, and their plans for the future. Gordon casually mentioned that…

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